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Mr. Jagunmolu’s Resumption Presentation. February 22, 2024,

What I discussed in this presentation:

  1. Why did I go offline in the first place?
  2. What do you need to know as a newbie or guest?
  3. What have I been working on so far? 
  4. Recognition of what you have done in my absence 
  5. Congratulating all achievers in my absence 
  6. Why do I attend some training and not yours? And why do I post about some people and not you?
  7. Finally, the future of FHG is here.

Why did I go offline in the first place?

You can read the full posts here on my Facebook page: Read it here.

Short Answer: Forex Trading and the FHG App and Platforms


What’s FHG, and What Did You Need to Know as a Newbie or Guest About Us?


  1. FHG is a peer-to-peer empowerment organization. This means the current members will empower you in return for you empowering the coming members. This means we cannot accept members with short-term goals. It will be difficult for us to keep supporting others if people are joining us, taking our current members’ resources, and then choosing not to give back to others when they become pros. It’s just not cool, and it’s a selfish thing to do. We know some people still won’t care; that’s why we are working on the necessary documents to protect our member’s businesses. 
  2. FHG is not a place to make a quick income that you want to use to start something else. Although it’s perfectly acceptable to be doing something else with it, you must still be active FHG members, like schooling. You still have to understand that all income generated will be spent on business-related issues first, before anything else.
  3. It’s a mandatory assignment for you to empower others. If you are someone who prefers to work alone, FHG offline isn’t for you. Although we are currently working on FHG online, that can work for you.



Section 2: What Have I Been Working On So Far?

After realizing forex trading isn’t for us, I worked on improving the way we will be doing freelancing, network marketing, and other programs to help us earn. 

Online, we work on the following:

  1. FHG APP: or ( 
  2. Training Center:
  3. FHG Partner Program: 

Go here to learn more about how to start. There have been some updates on the website, and the coupon in the video is no longer working. You can wait until the first live meeting on Wednesday before 

To make this easy to use and improve our business operations. We will be going live three times weekly to explain our top three programs and what’s already working for FHG members.

  1. Wednesday for Network Marketing Navigator
  2. Thursday for drop-servicing Dynamo
  3. Friday for Freelancing Freedom 

A dedicated page that explains each program will be available soon. 

FHG Partner Program: This is an FHG income-sharing system to share incomes from subscriptions made by you and your team. Your sales and your team’s sales are with you. Up to level 10.

Offline We work on the following: (This is important and urgent for you to work on as soon as possible.)

  1. A new ID card 
  2. Membership Form 
  3. Guarantor form 
  4. Underage letter 
  5. Guideline 
  6. Asset allocation receipts

New ID card: (The old ID card is useless because we register as a business name, not as a company.)

New Form: We have 3 types of forms. Membership form, guarantor form, and underage letter. Each form will allow you to stay legal, protect you from any unnecessary harassment by dishonest law enforcement agents who want to extort you and protect you from members who want to make your life difficult as a leader.

Note: A lawyer created this form to ensure complete compliance after thoroughly understanding our business and working with several team leaders before even knowing me. So this gives him deep knowledge about our business to create a strong document that will improve our legal operations. 

Then, allocation receipts: An allocation receipt is a receipt that FHG issues for every item that a member purchases. except if your parents bought it for you or with money made outside the FHG System (this needs proof).

How do allocation receipts protect you as a newbie?

As a newbie, it protects you from shady law enforcement that wants to extort you, especially if you are young. 

It protects you from letting someone check your device without a proper authorization channel. Don’t be rude to anyone. Just let them know you need company approval to let them check your phone.

How do allocation receipts protect you as a leader?

It saves you from people who join FHG to play games. And I want to make your life difficult.

It saves you from quitting resources that are helping your team grow and function. 

It simplifies the process of proper legal action if you have to take it against anyone. 


Guideline: how does it help you? 

How does a guideline help you? 

  1. Without the guidelines, an ID card and form won’t help you legally. All the benefits mentioned can only work when you properly submit your guidelines. (Contact support to learn how to get it.)

Cost of each document:

  1. New ID Card: ₦2,500
  2. Membership Form: Free
  3. Guarantor form: free
  4. Under-age letter: free
  5. Scanning of documents: ₦100 per scan (a soft copy is free)
  6. Guideline: 1,500
  7. Asset allocation receipts: 3,000

Note: We have formed a dedicated support team to help you with this. A city with a big team can request an in-city support team later. Until then, you will be using the Osogbo Support Team.

Note 2: You don’t have to come to Osogbo to do this. You can just send it from the park. 

Contact support to get started:

Telegram support: @fhgsupport, @nrooyy

WhatsApp contact: 09135697315, 08169171905


Section 3: Recognizing the Improvements You Have Made in My Absence. 



FHG Lokoja: For Your Website

FHG EDE: For Your Social Page

FHG Osun and Kwara Group: For the group

FHG Founder Group: For the Group

FHG Media: For All the Platforms

FHG Ijagbo: For your website (although it needs improvement),



Putting FHG on the NYSC Portal (though we are working on more of this for each city)

Holding leaders responsible for their team actions in other offices. 

Note: This is what I see because the contribution is very obvious. I know some of you have made incredible impacts, and your successes say so, but these are what I see for now. There will be compensation and recognition for all these people—those who can show us what they have done and those who started doing it soon. I will announce when this will begin in the next few months. 


Kudos to all achievers in my absence. 

Gigantic congratulations to all of you who have made an incredible impact on your life and the lives of others. 

I really appreciate the importance of your effort and will not let my absence hold you down in any way. Kudos for doing the most important assignment and being a great leader. Because without you stepping up as a responsible leader, you won’t be getting the results you are getting. 

I believe my resumptions will also add incredible value. Get ready, and let’s achieve bigger goals together. 

Why do I attend some training and not yours? And why do I post about some people and not you?

To keep this section short, I attend the training of people that I know don’t have any strong leaders at that time.

Also, people ask that I attend their training request multiple times and give me enough time to prepare for it. 

And those who I posted were sent to me by the person of their leader. 



FHG Future From Here: What can be disclosed now?

FHG APP will be part of everything FHG Now.

We will be working on reducing location restrictions for our business and opening new offline training centers sponsored by General FHG. 

This is to help newbies in certain areas get an office if they don’t get one to attend in that area. 

What We Will Be Doing to Keep the Business Fun.

Monthly Challenge (available monthly)

Weekly Challenge (available weekly; winner will be chosen every Friday)

FHG Top Achiever Bonus (not a challenge available till the year ends)

There are more things we are working on to improve our lives and businesses. We will be announcing it as each system is 100% ready.

The first FHG Studio is set up and available for all new step-ups to come and use to share their stories. 

And more is coming from cities where FHG is big and will be 100% funded by FHG. Don’t worry; from here on, we won’t need mandatory donations, but you can choose to donate if you want to improve our creation.

The more funds we have, the more improvements we can make at a rapid rate to reduce quitting, increase the number of new people joining, and, most importantly, help people achieve their personal and business goals.

Stay tuned to my Facebook page.

And the FHG Public Group for the latest information and training.